Therapy is a confidential place, providing emotional safety to talk about what you need to,  knowing it will be held in confidence.  There are some legal limitations which I will outline below;

  • If there is suspected child, elder abuse, or neglect, the therapist is mandated to report this to the Protective Services.
  • If you are threatening to harm another person, the therapist is mandated to warn the other party.
  • If the therapist cannot reach you and is concerned about your safety, the police will be asked to do a well-check visit.
  • If the therapist is pulled into court and the judge orders the therapist to speak.
  • Insurance Companies or Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) audits or for billing purposes, with a signed release. Please note that Robin Kahler LMSW has no control over what the insurance company might do with your personal information.
  • Signed Releases of Information gives permission for the therapist to communicate to a specific person or to include them in sessions. You may choose to sign releases to family members, to a physician, or other medical providers.